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About us


Hello, this is LOVEMI . Your dynamic, audacious and original clothing brand inspired by your life and your desires. Created 5 years ago, by two girls who are crazy about fashion, but have a small budget. Today we have several warehouses around the world in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our job is to listen to our customers, our friends and the world's trends to bring you the most fashionable and quality clothing. We are a growing company that challenges the norms to bring joy and choice to every fashionista.

Our Mission

Our rise is meteoric. Every day, we offer new trendy clothes and exclusive creations. LOVEMI has become the go-to online store for your shopping needs. We offer our products at irresistible prices for you, the dreamers and the dreamers, the lovers and the lovers, the clubbers and the clubbers, the workers and the workers, in short for all the men and women who love fashion. We take the risk that no one else dares to take, that's how we are at LOVEMI, we are daring in our choice of products as well as in our pricing policy. But above all we believe that fashion is a right, so our goal is to offer all the latest trends at the most affordable prices possible, everywhere in the world.

Our Focus

Our goal is to respond to all of our clients' requests. We want to make LOVEMI an essential place for online fashion, we want to be irreproachable, and have put in place free international delivery, returns accepted up to 150 days after the order, a multi-language customer service simplified our communications. We also do our best to ensure ethical and responsible sourcing. As well as minimizing our carbon footprint, we have implemented a strict control process of our supply chain. But our priority remains to improve every day, to climb the stairs of perfection and to reach ........, no we will never stop doing more and doing better!

Our Vision

We support all our customers and everything they stand for. Our image is that of a confident, ambitious and positive brand. Our collections cater to all facets of life and with our free international delivery service, our customers can count on us for all occasions. We want a world without borders, without cases, where all desires are possible. That's why at LOVEMI all styles are represented, and we continue to unearth all the trends that exist to offer them to you so that you too can dare!