At Lovemi we believe that a brand must be responsible, concerned about the environment and respect human rights.

We know very well that this sounds like empty words, to look good on the about page. But we are truly committed.

We have set up a shipping system for your orders that allows us to considerably reduce the environmental impact of their transport, by optimizing our warehouses, by using electric or low consumption vehicles as much as possible. We have decided to stop shipping by air. Our warehouses located around the world allow us to deliver our customers in a timely manner. So yes! we can no longer be delivered in 24 hours but we have a clear conscience and our carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum.

Our next challenge is to completely ban plastic packaging from our shipments by 2030.

In our offices, bicycles are available free of charge to those who wish to travel in an ecological and economical way. The price of public transportation is completely covered by the company, and charging stations are free of charge in the headquarters parking lot. Since 2017, employees have also been able to work from home. This reduces their ecological footprint while improving their quality of life! Only three days of presence is mandatory per month, in the premises, to keep in touch with colleagues and not to dehumanize our company.

We regularly check (i.e. two to three times a month) all our production and shipping sites, to ensure that environmental standards are respected, but not only. We also fight against child labor, unfortunately still used on a large scale by some fashion brands, with the sole purpose of making ever greater margins. In our warehouse the working conditions allow all employees to live decently, that is to say that the working conditions must be good (posture, machine, safety standards, non-toxic product), that the minimum wage is automatically valued at +10%, allowing the workers better living conditions. We are involved locally in various associations for the education of children, and access to health care for all. We will not change the world by ourselves, but every little gesture is important.

A question often comes up, how do you do this while keeping competitive prices, it's simple, the management services are doing their job properly, our margins are actually reduced compared to our competitors closing their eyes on points stated earlier.

But every expense is thought of, for example at the head office no disposable cup at the coffee machine, each one has its mug, to be deposited at the end of the day so that it is cleaned in the dishwasher, and not each one has its turn with water which flows, on 300 mugs that makes economy, We do not print almost any documents, no need to buy tons of paper, we work with local producers, the short circuits make savings and small economy by small economy, we manage to offer fair prices to our customers, while participating in making the world better.

So thank you to all our customers who for many years, participate without really knowing it to all these beautiful actions.