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Summer jacket

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Color: Red
Size: S
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Get your poncho on and get ready for a rainy day!

Get this waterproof summer jacket for couples, so you and your partner can stay dry when you go hiking.

This raincoat is made from transparent plastic, so you can see through it. The hood is big and wide enough to cover both of your heads at once if needed. It's long enough that it will protect your legs from getting wet as well. The material is waterproof, so no matter how much rain falls, it won't penetrate the material and get inside the coat. This means that even if it rains all day long and there isn't a single dry spot left on earth by the time you finish hiking (or whatever else you're doing), neither of you will be wet or uncomfortable!

This poncho is perfect for young people who want something stylish but functional at the same time—and who doesn't want that?